We are involved in manufacturing products and turned parts as well as machining metals. We perform: milling, drilling, grinding, bending, turning and laser cutting of sheets of thickness up to 10 mm. The automatic lathes and the modern machinery park that we have guarantee the high quality and accuracy of our products.

The experienced and proven staff as well as the professional equipment of our company, especially the automatic lathes, professionalism, reliability, short deadlines, the high and proven quality of products, low, competitive prices regardless of the degree of complexity of parts - this is our offer that satisfies our customers.

Our parts and complex products are sold in Poland and recently also abroad. We cooperate with large and small companies. We fulfill orders in respect of domestic and foreign production depending on the needs and demands of customers.

We accept orders for lots as well as for performance of individual components. Our priority is customer satisfaction, so we are open to any suggestions and proposals.

Tooling services provided by us:

- CNC Turning

- Conventional turning up to 1000 mm

- Conventional milling up to 2000 mm

- Flat grinding up to 1000mm

- Round grinding up to 500 mm

- Hardening max 500 x 250 x 5 mm

Sales specjalist Elżbieta Karasińska tel. +48  604 194 587
Sales coordinator Eugeniusz Kowalczuk tel. +48 608 500 556

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